MacBook Pro 2016 May Be A Collaboration Between Apple And LG: New OS And Price Unveiled

Based on the many rumors that now circulate the internet, the possibility of having a new MacBook Pro 2016 is very high as the Holiday season is just a few months away. With this, an October release is the most popular speculation of them all.

It is rumoured that the MacBook Pro 2016 will feature Touch ID support, as well as an OLED touch bar that will replace the function keys row that is present in present models. With regards to the inner specs of the MacBook Pro 2016, it will most likely sport an AMD Polaris 10 or Polaris 11 chip. This will surely make the laptop an innovative and radically improved product.

USB-C ports is also a likely possibility with the new MacBook Pro models, making file transfer a much easier and hassle-free task.

Apple and LG Help Each Other With New MacBook 2016

The hottest speculation that currently surrounds the MacBook Pro 2016 is Apple's reported partnership with LG in hopes of developing its very best 5K display yet. If proven to be true, then this will replace the current Apple Thunderbolt Display that is featured in today's Apple computers.

If the trend will continue and Apple will further its partnership with LG, then the American company will surely have a long way to go, incorporating into its system various innovations that will push the tech company further forward.

Despite the unorthodox approach that Apple is doing, a partnership with another tech company in the likes of LG is a smart thing to do. In the grand scheme of things, pride is not an accepted trait for a company to have. Thus, it is very wise of Apple to branch out to other sources, other companies in order for it to successfully innovate and improve its current offerings.

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