New Skylander: 3D Print Your Own Skylander

Around June this year, Skylander developers announced and introduced "Character Creation" together with the upcoming "Skylander Imaginators" in Skylander in which players can create and customize their very own Skylander. This was inspired by the drawings of hundreds and hundreds of kids that were sent to the developers of Toys for Bob - The Series.

Ever since the introduction, people had been going on and on about 3D printing the customized characters and recently, Activision finally confirms that there will indeed be 3D prints of the Skylanders but the supply will only be available and limited to Skylander Imaginators.

The developers weren't able to mention numbers aside from just stating the word "limited", they weren't also able to give people the idea how they could purchase the 3D prints as well. One of the things that Activision said that was clear is that they will be running promotions and competitions during the launching of the game.

3D printed customized characters will not be the only thing that fans could avail; there will also be t-shirts and more cool stuff that they could purchase online.

One of the reporters of GameSpot was able to speak with Toys for Bob Co-founder Paul Reiche about already having this idea (3D printing) ever since from the beginning of the production and Paul Reiche confirmed that it was already part of the plan and that this is one of the most aggressive part.

"No one has ever done this where, from a console game you create a playable character, you bring a physical realization out of it, and then that's playable back in the game. We're making toys-to-life even more toys-to-life and life-to-toys because you get to think about something, create it virtually, and then generate a physical incarnation." Paul Reiche added.

Reiche also stated that they knew that they had to this because for them "coming to reality is part of what it's all about."

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