Pokemon GO News: How To Solve “Unable To Authenticate” Error

The “Pokemon GO” has been a huge success all over the world and has gathered a massive number of downloads to date. However, many users reported errors with regards to the gaming application. With regards to this, players of the game who are experiencing “Unable to Authenticate Error” would get to have this bug fix; as reported was being circulated.

The site Heavy currently reported the reason behind this error. Many users were experiencing this kind of defect because they failed to follow the application’s Terms of Service. Thus, Niantic banned the accounts that falsify locations, use emulators, and utilize unofficial software.

But players who experience the errors should not worry anymore because it could be repaired. As cited in University Herald, if users did not violate the TOS but still receives an “Unable to Authenticate” message; a glitch would be the main reason. To fix it, sign out your account and sign in again. If you have an Android phone, uninstalling and installing it back once more would also be helpful to repair the glitch.

The sources all stated that “Pokemon Go” players could also log out their old credit and create a Pokemon Trainer Club account. Users would need to log in with the new account and play it for a while. After that, log it out and log in with the former account.

The said repair may not work at some point, but this was proven to fix server and authentication problems most of the time.

Other factors implying an error like “Your Device Might Not Be Compatible”, “You’re Using a Rooted or Jailbroken Phone”, and “Some Issues May Be Related to Your Region, Carrier, or IP” were also addressed and has been fixed to further enjoy the gaming application.

To further understand the repair for the problem, see video below:

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