'Pokemon GO' News: The Gaming Application Is Already Part Of School Curriculum

Pokemon GO has been a huge success all over the world. Others think that it has spread a positive vibe to every player using it while other thinks that it has contributed to the negativity of today’s era. But some universities have a different perspective when it comes to this hit gaming application.

According to Tech, the social and technical characteristics found in Pokemon GO could make it useful in courses around. In Salford University, students who are taking up Business Information Technology must play and study the application.

The source further explained, through the game, students will be able to examine the behavior of the so-called trainer. They could also make a study about the game being used in different businesses. For readers’ information, businesses could produce lure models to make their establishment more appealing to other people.

The application could also help in the explanation as to how global positioning system works. Students would be able to understand how one factor could affect its end users. Some could also use the game in teaching mobile application development and handling information in a business environment.

International Business Times listed schools that students could actually see Pokemon Go being part of the curriculum. Here are some:

In National Taiwan University, a course that studies the monsters through the view of history, law and science was present.

In University of Idaho, students are advised to play the game to improve them in the aspect of physical fitness. The institution also promoted roaming around the campus through playing Pokemon Go.

In Northern Illinois University, a class about Pokemon Go would be offer. The subject would tackle about the application’s mapping and geographic information system technology.

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