5 College Courses That Require You To Play Pokemon Go

Universities and colleges worldwide have now adapted with the modern times by offering courses involving the popular mobile hit Pokemon Go. The free augmented reality game just hit the mobile app stores this summer yet it became a phenomenon in just a matter of days. As of August, the game has been downloaded a hundred million times which attracted key members of society such as politicians, students, professors, and more.

The games popularity had spawned a lot of ideas from hotdog stands, to entrance fees to private areas, and now as a curriculum in schools.

Professor Adrianne Massanari from the University of Illionois - Chicago said that people may see it as just a mobile game mostly for kids. She also added that it is easy to just dismiss as some kind of popular phenomena that would wither anytime. But she then she did express a realization: "but once you start digging in there it becomes a great object for all kinds of questions we can be asking.", as reported by  Vocativ.

Following are the five schools with courses students should pursue if they intend to include Pokemon Go as part of their activities.


Salford University

Located in Salford, England, students taking up business information technology class are required to open up and play Pokémon Go as part of their course, as reported by the Daily Mail

Professor David Kreps says that they want new students to feel that their course is easy to grasp and accessible to everyone and with that, Pokemon Go would fit in like a glove. Kreps, who teaches information systems and app development, talked to the Daily Mail and said the game uses various information systems accessed over the internet, on top of utilizing the phones digital camera and GPS location sensors. These aspects alone have lots to teach.

National Taiwan University

Situated in Taipei, the school just launched "A Study On Pokémon," a course that examines the creatures through history, science, and law. This one is reported by What's On Weibo. However, professor Hong Guang Ji said that if students really want to learn the technicalities on how to actually catch Pokémon, they should enroll in other schools - "I'm sorry, it's not really our expertise," he expressed.

University of Idaho 

In Moscow, Idaho, students taking the "Pop Culture Games" course are required to play the game to improve physical fitness. Posted in a news release, Steven Bird, instructor, said he wished playing Pokemon Go would encourage the students to explore their campus and learn to work with a team. He also added that he wants to catch a Pikachu on top of their school activities.

Fresno City College 

Located in Fresno, California, the school has promoted a physical education class focusing on Pokémon Go. The course of 26 students will utilize the 'walking' walking aspect of the game to facilitate cardiovascular activities, reported by the Fresno Bee. Oliver Germond, instructor thought that their dean was joking when asked about the idea but then realized that it is a fun way to keep their students in shape.

Northern Illinois University

In DeKalb, Illinois, the school offered a one-day class featuring Pokémon Go last August. The course 'Mapping, Exploring, & Pokemon Go' focused around the game's map and geographic information technology. 

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