Niantic Labs Sued By The Netherlands Because of Pokemon Go

In just three months after Pokemon Go rolled out in Europe, the augmented reality game got insanely popular in The Netherlands. But not everyone is positive with how Niantic has managed the global sensation.

Authorities from the Hague are taking Niantic Labs to court over damage being done by overexcited Pokemon Go trainers to the sands of Kijkduin, where worries about protected dunes have been elevated in regards to recent increase of visitors, as reported by Game Rant.

Initially, officials tried to contact Niantic to tone down the spawn rates on the dunes. Authorities requested that they didn't want any Pokemon spawning between the hours of 11:00PM and 7:00AM by the beach, which seems sensible especially for a protected area. While Niantic had properly responded to other requests removing spawn points from museums and memorials, the studio is said to have failed to issues reported about the beach at Kijkduin. As a result of being ignored since August, officials from the Hague sought help from the court of law, expressing that they "had no other choice" in getting the studio's attention.

Authorities reacting to the destruction of the protected dunes but would just want Pokemon Go to decrease its spawn rate in the area sounds more than reasonable. Kijkduin will still remain a place of attraction for Pokémon hunters, but it would be appreciated if there would be less disorder and damage to protected areas.

A court date is set for Oct. 11, 2016, though as of this writing, we feel Niantic will just give in to the previously ignored requests now that lawyers are involved, nobody wants to go to court unless it's a necessity.

More Pokemon Go lawsuits

The Dutch Government isn't the only entity to challenge Pokemon GO over lawsuits. The mayor of  Bressolles has banned the playing of Pokemon GO within town. On top of  that, more bans have been laid down in Iran.

Pokemon GO is now available on Android and iOS devices. Do you have local attractions that seem to be overcrowded and often disturbed nowadays because of Pokemon Go? Share us your story via the comments section below. 


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