‘Pokémon GO’ Tips & Tricks: Beginner’s Guide To Level Up Fast

"Pokémon GO" remains on top of its game despite diminishing popularity in recent weeks. In fact, millions of people across the globe have not yet let go of the fad. And just like in any other game, the most sought-after goal every "Pokémon GO" Trainer has is to take oneself at least a notch forward. For beginning and intermediate Trainers, this is your complete guide to level up faster than you think.

It is important to take note that to level up fast, you will need to gain the highest amount of XP (experience points) in the shortest time possible. And as you progress to the level as a Trainer, you will be able to capture more powerful Pokémon.

Like in any other massively multiplayer online game, they key to leveling up as fast as you can in "Pokemon GO" is to bank on actions that give you more experience points per hour than those that don't or reward little.

"Pokemon GO" Tip #1: Aim For Excellent Throw To Capture Pokemon

We're stating the obvious here. The easiest way to get your way to the next level as a Trainer is by capturing Pokemon. When capturing them, try to aim for Excellent Throw (than Great or Nice Throw) because this gives you more XP points.

Take note that new Pokemon means additional XP reward which is more than the standard reward that you usually get.

"Pokemon GO" Tip #2: Catch Everything, But Prioritize These Pokemon

In your journey along the way, you will find different kinds of Pokemon. However, at certain point, you will need to prioritize Pidgeys, Weedles and Catarpies. Go after them more than anything else because they have the least amount of candies needed to evolve. Pidgeys, Weedles and Catarpies each need 12 candies only to evolve.

Not to mention, hatching one of these Pokemon will reward you with one candy. This means, you only need three Pidgeys to evolve one. With the Lucky Egg on, that's already worth a thousand XP. Take note to get rid of Drowzee first when you see it because it will scare off your Weedles.

Weedle is one of the most difficult to catch due to its persistence and closeness to the device. In most cases, you can only catch it using Nice Throw.

"Pokemon GO" Tip #3: Go To Pokestops First

Pokestops will give you Pokeballs, Revives, Eggs, etc. apart from that, it will reward you with some experience points. Why should you go to Pokestops first? The rationale behind this technique is that Pokestop recharges Pokemon the moment you spin them. It will take them around 5 minutes to be active again and they will continually respawn.

At Pokestops, remember to minimize the idle time when checking your inventory or Pokedex, changing Trainer customes and other activities.

"Pokemon GO" Tip #4: Perform Great Throw When Using Curve Ball

In catching Pokemon that is farther, try to use the Curve Ball in Great throw. It may seem hard but you really need to focus when doing the Great throw.

"Pokemon GO" Tip #5: If You Are New, Go To Friendly Gyms

Unlike Pokestops, Gyms are quite harder to find, thus a great place to gain more XP. If you are totally new, find the friendly Gyms as they allow you to train Pokemon without having to fight against enemies. For each defeated Pokemon, you will gain XP.

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