PlayStation VR vs DayDream View: Can Google Beat Sony's Design?

Google's October 4 event spelled possible trouble for a lot of players in the tech industry. Other than its impressive new smartphones, smart speaker and an updated streaming device, the company also released a virtual reality headset, called the Daydream. In its first attempt at VR, Google placed itself directly in competition with Sony's PlayStation VR.

PlayStation VR

Sony undoubtedly has a larger fanbase when it comes to gaming. After all, the PlayStation has only gotten better and more powerful generation after generation. Which is partly why the PlayStation VR has such a loyal following. But of course, there is more than just blind allegiance.

As The Verge points out, the PSVR is priced at about US$500, which is cheaper than its earlier competitors, the Rift and the Vive. It has a single screen that has 1080 x 950 pixels per eye and boasts a quick screen refresh rate of 90 times per second.

The real advantage of the PSVR over mobile VR options - like the Google Daydream - is that it has positional tracking, which minimizes motion sickness and opens up a wider range of games as well. The device launches on October 13.

Google Daydream

According to Wired, Google focused a lot of energy the headset's design. As such, it is comfortable, easy to use and stylish - albeit more subdued than its competitors. It is also comfortable because it uses microfibre and other soft materials, which also makes it much lighter.

Currently, there are 50 apps that are compatible with Daydream. The most notable of which allows users to get a VR look into the world of "Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them," thanks to a partnership between Google and Warner Bros. Others include Hulu, Google Play movies and Google Maps.

The appeal, like with most mobile VR units, is that it is cheaper and portable. A user is not restricted by wires and cables. Furthemore, it has a controller unlike other mobile VR units. The Google Daydream is available for preorder now, at a price of US$90 and is set to ship out next month.

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