Samsung Galaxy S8 To Be An Ultra-fast Smartphone: Scores Higher Than iPhone 7 On Benchmark

Samsung is yet to recover from the remnants of the Galaxy Note 7 explosion saga. However, this does not mean that the company will postpone their supposedly scheduled Galaxy S8 announcement. In fact, the S8 might already be on the way. Rumor has it that the mysterious high-scoring device found on the AnTuTu benchmarking site is the one and only Samsung Galaxy S8.

Prototype Device Scores Sky-high On AnTuTu

Reports from early October points out to a certain phone that scored a spectacular 203,737 on an AnTuTu benchmarking test. If you're not sure what that number indicates, then it must be compared to the score of a popular device.

The iPhone 7 Plus got a really high score of 172,644 and the iPhone 7 is just quite the same with a score of 170,124. Since the AnTuTu benchmark technically measures the devices' overall performance, this simply means that the said prototype knocks the iPhone 7 Plus effortlessly.

If this example isn't enough to point out how groundbreaking that score is, take note that the Xiaomi Mi 5s scored 164,119. This exact number was deemed high enough for Xiaomi to brag about it on their teaser poster, GSM Arena reported. This goes to show that the said mystery device will be one of the speediest devices to have ever been introduced to the market.

Samsung Galaxy S8 News

Phone Arena says that there is a strong possibility that the said prototype is no other than Samsung's upcoming flagship phone. This isn't at all impossible, considering how near Galaxy S8's alleged launch date is. Basing on tradition, S8 should be introduced sometime around February or March.

This means that it's possible for the device to have already been polished by now. So if this score is indeed S8's, then it's safe to say that Samsung wants to compensate the Note 7's damage by producing a superb top-notch device.

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