ASUS, MSI Update BIOS In 100-Series Boards to Prep For Kaby Lake

The next generation of Intel i-core processors would soon be coming. Manufacturers are getting ready for the coming Intel processors, and two of those manufacturers are ASUS and MSI. Both manufacturers are preparing their motherboards for the new Intel processors.

According to Singapore Hardware Zone, ASUS and MSI have their 100-Series motherboards prepared for the Kaby Lake Intel processors. The BIOS of the said motherboards are said to have been updated in anticipation of the new processors that are coming.

For MSI, the company has announced that it has its BIOS for the 100-Series motherboards updated in support for Kaby Lake, as The Tech Report says. The motherboards will use the same LGA 1151 sockets used for Skylake processors.

Hexus also notes that ASUS has updated its BIOS to prepare for the coming Kaby Lake processors. ASUS will likely do the same as MSI has done in that the LGA 1151 sockets would still be used for its 100-Series motherboards supporting Kaby Lake processors.

There are also rumors that Intel would release 200-Series chipsets that would go with the new Kaby Lake processors. It is not certain yet whether manufacturers have 200-Series motherboards out yet for the new processors. Consumers might have to go by the 100-Series motherboards in the meantime while waiting for manufacturers to release a 200-Series motherboard for Kaby Lake chips.

So far only ASUS and MSI have updated their BIOS for the coming processor. Other motherboard manufacturers will have to announce if they would update the BIOS for their motherboards. The Kaby Lake processors for desktop PCs would be coming out early 2017. Kaby Lake processors for mobile have already come out and have higher clock speeds.

BIOS updates are available already on the MSI and ASUS website, though it might be good to update BIOS only if one would be going for a Kaby Lake processor. With desktop Kaby Lake processors coming in 2017, it would mean more time to prepare for the upgrade for those who would change to the new processor.

Recently as well MSI and Gigabyte motherboards would be getting the Killer E2500 NIC.

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