Overwatch Update: Halloween Loot Boxes Reveal Sombra Release Date

Halloween is fast approaching, and it seems Blizzard has something intended for their Overwatch fans during the season. Over the past few days or so, there have been speculations about the supposed new hero Sombra getting released next month. With a recent leak, it looks like it's bound to happen.

According to PVP Live, an Overwatch leak happened in the Xbox Store, giving players a preview of what the forthcoming event is all about. From the screenshots all the way to the footages -- all of which were first posted in Reddit -- the said event is likely to introduce the highly anticipated hero named Sombra.

It's worth noting that the aforementioned Overwatch event will be called Halloween Terror. Along with its arrival is the coming of loot boxes, all of which will include items such as sprays, skins and highlight introductions, among others. For the sake of mentioning it, it's set to be a Halloween motif.

The interesting one here is the fact that a candy in the basket is found, something that displays the Overwatch hero icon of Sombra. This, in one way or another, only implies that the aforesaid character is coming to the game really soon. Or perhaps, as what most fans hope for, it'll arrive alongside the next update. It can be seen just below Reaper's famous mask.

As previously reported here at iTech Post, Blizzard is believed to unleash the hero anytime soon. Heck, some even deemed it to be around October 16 to October 17 -- this is the timer in the site called AMomentInCrime.com is to be considered. The timeline also covers the studio's upcoming event called BlizzCon.

As for the Overwatch Halloween loot boxes, players can't just simply acquire them through a series of leveling. Based on the Xbox leaks mentioned above, it could be some sort of microtransaction. The official release date, on the other hand, remains unknown.

If anything else, the much awaited Overwatch hero Sombra might finally arrive anytime this month or early November. Either way, there's a possibility that players will finally get hold of her really soon.

What are your thoughts on the said Overwatch Halloween event? Are you excited for the coming of Sombra? What are your expectations? Let us know at the comment section below!

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