NBA 2K17 Grand Badges: Ultimate Formula To Achieving Badges Revealed; No! It's Not Just Unlocking Archetype Badges

NBA 2K17 Badges are reportedly difficult to achieve, prompting some players to rely on different theories on how to get some. Initially, Grand Badges were believed to be acquired by unlocking all the archetype badges. However, this was later debunked, and 2K Games is reported to have finally disclosed the way to get these badges.

How To Achieve NBA 2K17 Slasher Badge

The NBA 2K17 Slasher Badge is achieved by doing a lot of dunks and lay-ups. According to reports, the lockdown defenders require the players to produce a considerable amount of dribble shots in the game. Although these could have been disclosed earlier, the players are reportedly glad to know about this after all.

NBA 2K17 Grand Badges Boosts

Since the NBA 2K17 Grand Badges are now made easier to be achieved through the game producer's revelation, the online scene of the game is now expected to be even more competitive. Also, these Grand Badges are reportedly featured with more boosts, which means that the gameplay is now likely to be easier for the players. However, actual skills are still required to dominate and win the games.

Given the many changes, the NBA 2k17 has earned some positive feedback by a lot of critics and fans. In fact, the basketball simulator is praised for providing an excellent virtual game of basketball that every sports fan should check out. "NBA 2K17" is now available on Xbox 360, Xbox One, PS4, PS3 and Windows PC.

"NBA 2K17" Virtual Currency Uses

Meanwhile, as every NBA 2K17 player knows, the game's Virtual Currency is quite difficult to achieve if one has no idea how to get it. According to reports, the VC points can be used to get new wearable gear on the court or to upgrade the player's attributes. Although a number of ways have been revealed to earn them some VC points, the MyCareer Mode to the MyNBA2K17 app are reported to have ways that help players get VC points.  Watch NBA 2K17 Grand Badge - How to Unlock Any Grand Badge for All Archetypes

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