'Blue Exorcist' Season 2 Spoilers & Updates: Impure King Revived? Next Arc Scheduled For January 2017 Release

The official "Ao no Exorcist," a.k.a. "Blue Exorcist" website has released a promo video for the upcoming "Blue Exorcist" season 2. New characters will also be added for the second season which will feature the Kyoto Impure King Arc from volume 5, chapter 15 of the manga.

Anime News Network reported Koichi Hatsumi will be replacing Tensai Okamura as director for "Blue Exorcist" season 2 while Keigo Sasaki will be returning as character designer and chief animation director.  The new cast members include Takashi Inagaki as Tatsuma Suguro, Kishō Taniyama as Kinzō Shima, Katsuyuki Konishi as Jūzō Shima, M.A.O as Mamushi Hōjō, and Kazuhiro Yamaji as Saburōta Tōdō.

"Blue Exorcist" follows the story of Satan's sons Rin and Yukio Okumura who were born from a human mother and was raised in a church by Father Shiro Fujimoto, an exorcist. Rin is the heir of Satan's power which is sealed on a demon-slaying sword. One day the church was attacked by demons and Shiro was killed. Rin learns his true identity and comes to the Prestigious True Cross Academy, an ordinary school by day and an exorcist cram school by night. To his surprise, his twin brother is actually his exorcist teacher and is also the youngest exorcist.  Now, he aims to be the highest ranking exorcist called paladin and defeat Satan.

"Blue Exorcist" season 2, which will be released in January next year according to reports, will pick up after the events in the first season. Rin and Yukio fail to prevent a powerful relic called the "Left Eye of the Impure King" from getting stolen by Todo. They embark on a mission with other exorcists to help the Myoda Sect who is guarding relic's counterpart, the "Right Eye of the Impure King," as the two relics are needed to awaken the Impure King.

The "Right Eye of the Impure King" will be stolen by one of the Myoda Sects students, Mamushi, who will help Todo awaken the Impure King.  Rin will also face problems as his friends have been avoiding him since they learned he is Satan's son and the Vatican is also after him.

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