No Man's Sky Is Badly Hurting Other Space Sim Games Like Dual Universe

If there's a debatable matter about No Man's Sky, it's definitely whether or not it lived up to the hype. While some might say that it did, they can't deny the fact that it failed miserably. Or at least, it didn't deliver the features Hello Games promised way before its official launching. Sure, it's a disappointing experience for the community. However, the effect doesn't just end there. For developers who want to create a genre of the same, it definitely hurt them in way or another. And yes, this is what the makers of Dual Universe is experiencing.

In an interview with Eurogamer, the developer Jean-Christophe Baillie of the forthcoming title shared his thoughts about No Man's Sky as well as the domino effect it has for games with such ambition. He mentioned about how NMS's unfortunate reception could hurt his shared world space game called Dual Universe.

Baillie iterated that No Man's Sky has hurt them -- "very clearly." That the post-NMS era can be a make and break for studios who want to develop "the same thing." He also pointed out that currently, the community has a good amount of distrust to offer.

In fact, Baillie admitted that their Kickstarter page was even heavily affected by No Man's Sky. According to him, half of the comments there were all about comparing Dual Universe to Sean Murray's space sim. Sure enough, the video game company is struggling. And what's the saddest thing about it? They haven't had the chance to show to the market their product and yet it's getting bashed.

While Baillie and his team understand the situation, they can't help but put the blame to No Man's Sky. After all, as what he noted, they're simply "stating the facts." While the game is far from being released (later in 2018), the studio has started anticipating every possible risk they'll be facing.

If there's one thing that Baillie desires is for the community to stop comparing things to No Man's Sky. Nevertheless, the developers learned that they have to be careful with their approach, especially that people are now careful with which they'll be supporting.

What are your thoughts on the domino effect of No Man's Sky in the industry? How about Dual Universe? What are your expectations for this game? Let us know your opinions at the comment section below!

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