A Huge No Man's Sky Update Is Just Around The Corner

No Man's Sky is definitely one of the most controversial titles of this year. Many believe that the game didn't live out to the expectations, stating that Sean Murray (founder of Hello Games) gave them a half-baked product. With the continuous silence of the devs, the community has been left wondering what the future holds for the title. However, there are reports that a massive update is set to be unleashed anytime this month.

The action-adventure survival video game No Man's Sky has been in a serious crisis, following the great number of hiccups that Murray and his team are facing. The latest on the list is the ongoing investigation by Advertising Standards Authority (ASA), as fans continue to complain about the lies Hello Games gave them. Simply put, the promised features didn't make it to the game, giving them an idea that the developers robbed them off their money.

Setting aside all of these criticisms, No Man's Sky is said to get a huge update this October, as reported by Express. The titular YouTube Gaming host Geoff Keighley shared his own thoughts regarding the title during the latest episode of the show. One of the most notable aspects of it is the future of the game.

Keighley admitted that No Man's Sky -- despite the ups and downs -- is a big achievement already. This is most especially with the size of the people involved in creating it. However, regardless of it, it's without a doubt a repetitive and unfinished game.

The said host also confirmed that he and Sean reconnected several weeks ago, talking about the future of No Man's Sky. He mentioned about the game having a couple of major updates, all of which are being heavily worked by his team. Moreover, Murray also confirmed to him that he'll attend the show sometime in late October.

In one way or another, there's a great possibility that Murray will finally share his thoughts regarding the chaos that revolved around No Man's Sky. He'll probably touch on the more sensitive issue such as the current investigation of ASA. Or perhaps, he'll give more details about the aforementioned update.

What are your thoughts on No Man's Sky? Are you still playing this game? Were you frustrated as well? Share us what you think by using the comment section below!

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