Is No Man's Sky In The Brink Of Extinction?

For the hardcore fans of No Man's Sky, this is definitely a sad day to live. Their Sean Murray, founder of the promising (well, not really now) studio Hello Games, is in serious crisis. From refund processes to huge player pool decline, and now, the ASA (Advertising Standards Authority) investigation -- things are really starting to take its toll.

According to Eurogamer, the titular advertising watchdog company has already launched an investigation for the people behind No Man's Sky. The decision to do so has rooted from the various complaints about the title's false advertising. Obviously, it shouldn't come as a surprise, as this has been an issue ever since.

Simply put, ASA is going to make things a little bit difficult for the No Man's Sky team -- Murray in particular. And if proven true, he and his company will surely be stuck in a limbo they're unlikely to get out. Take note that the Advertising Standards Authority has the power to prevent an advertisement from appearing ever again -- if and only if it breached several codes of conduct.

With what's happening now in the whole No Man's Sky community, the title's future is surely murky. It's plausible for Murray and Hello Games to face legal issues, following the investigation. In fact, given all the troubles they've been into, it's almost impossible for HG to continue as a video game company. Because seriously, people have learned their lessons, and they would think that it's futile to support any title coming from them.

So, as for the question, is No Man's Sky in the brink of extinction? Most likely, yes! Perhaps the studio will be able to weather this out, for instance. However, their reputation is definitely stained. That it's almost impossible to develop yet another game (or continue to support NMS). (Remember: a huge portion of its user base is declining each day).

It's sad to see No Man's Sky go out of the door and fade. Because truth is, it has the potentials. The idea the developers had for the game is quite exceptional for the least. Maybe if Sean didn't promise this and went to that, things would be different. Or if the team was able to deliver such, then things would have fall into their right places. Unfortunately, it's the other way around.

What are your thoughts on No Man's Sky as well as the serious crisis it's facing? Do you think Sean Murray and the rest of the Hello Games still have another shot in the industry? Or is the end of them? Voice out your opinions or reactions at the comment section below.

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