Justin Bieber And Sofia Richie Break-Up: Is Selena Gomez The Reason Behind The Split?

The break-up between Justin Bieber and Sofia Richie was not surprising to fans as they didn't really expect the relationship to last long. However, is there any truth to Selena Gomez's involvement in the issue?

Why Did Justin Bieber And Sofia Richie Really Break Up?

Many of Justin Bieber's fans were not really in favour with his relationship with the 18-year-old Sofia Richie. Many of them still hope and believe that he and ex-girlfriend Selena Gomez will somehow find a way back to each other's arms. Rumor has it that Sofia is only using Bieber to boost her career.

However, it looks like they both get what they want from each other. Ever since they started dating, Sofia has become one of the most-talked about girls on social media, but not praising her for her singing career rather talking about her relationship with the pop singer. Bieber on the other hand, is reportedly very demanding towards her, and is also not a fan of monogamy.

This has then led to the couple breaking up shortly after they started dating. To no one's surprise, Selena's name was then dragged into the break-up, allegedly causing it. The singer-actress recently cut her tour short, saying that she needed time to recover as she is going through some personal issues right now, fighting depression. Rumor has it that her meltdown was allegedly because of Bieber, then leading up to the latter breaking up with Sofia.

Selena Gomez Still Staying Off The Grid After Postponing Her "Revival" Tour

With neither of the concerning parties giving out any statement about the whole issue, there is no way to know for sure what really happened between Justin and Sofia's relationship. As for Selena, she is now currently off the grid and has allegedly checked herself into rehab as reports would say. However, there have been recent updates claiming that Selena may be in Cabo, since her assistant and bestfriend were both spotted there. The fans were quick to assume that the singer may be there with them as well.

The fans will now have to wait for Selena to recover from her personal issues, and wait for her to make an official statement about the whole thing.

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