NBA 2k17 Guide: How To Unlock Lockdown Defender Pro Grand Badge

Those who want to unlock the NBA 2k17 Locked Defender Pro Grand badge can do so confirmed game producer Zach Timmerman. In order to do so, however, players have to dominate various teammate grades.

Timmerman has revealed this in a series of tweets on his Twitter account that in order to access the NBA 2K17 Lockdown Defender Pro badge must dominate in the stat category of their designated archetype. Aside from that, he also revealed how to unlock other grand badges.

He enumerated in his tweet that if the NBA 2k17 player takes the Playmaker archetype, they need to earn the top points in assists in order to dominate and earn the badge. On the other hand, those who belong to the Slasher archetype must dominate in dunks and layups while a Lockdown Defender must earn lots of defense teammate grades. Furthermore, Glass Cleaners should have high scores in the boards while Post Scorers should have a good percentage at post shots.

In order to access NBA 2k17 Lockdown Defender Pro Grand badge, players must earn excellent points in the game's teammate grades. The better score you have the more MT points you earn. Moreover, if you score an A+ in the teammate grades can give you a better chance to succeed in acquiring the Pro Grand badge. The best way to earn that A+ score is to take what they call smart shots.

Making a smart shot in NBA 2k17 means good timing, precision, and a cool head. Players should be aware that if it is not really necessary to move fast, then they should do so. When faced with an army of defenders, never panic and shoot right away. Wait patiently for the right timing, find the right space, aim, and then shoot.

NBA 2k17 players should also bring to mind to call for ball only when necessary because doing it more often than what is required can also decrease the player's grade meter.

Another important NBA 2k17 tip in order to increase the chances of unlocking the Pro Grand badge is to pass the ball more often because holding on to the ball longer and dribbling it excessively can lower your grade. 'Listen' to your teammates in order to know the right time when to pass and when to make a steal, which can increase your grade meter.

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