Madefire Launches Virtual Reality App For Comics

Digital comic startup Mediafire has launched its first Virtual Reality app for Samsung´s Oculus-powered Gear at the New York Comic Con, which will be the first of its kind that would appeal to comic lovers. This digital form of art would be enjoyed through the technology benefits that VR glasses offers, giving comics some new features as sound effects or 3D animation.

Comics will never be the same with this app

 According to TechCrunch, far from creating an experience that doesn't have any relation with reading a book, this VR app will change the comic-reading experience, because the most important detail to them is to maintain its nature.

"Comics are such a powerful storytelling format. People learn to read through comics; people are transported to other worlds through comics. Comics are words-and-pictures, perfect for storytelling in virtual reality. It's a new era and announcing our investment from world-class investors and creators like Plus Capital, True Ventures, Kevin Spacey, Drake, and Framestore supports our mission to be where the myths of the 21st Century are created," said Madefire CEO Ben Wolstenholm.

The free Madefire VR app will show a small anthology of great comics optimized for this new way of reading, including pieces as MONO: The Old Curiosity Shop, Injustice: Year One, Somnia: Origins and Revolution.

Madefire is redefining art through technology

"Madefire sat in the sweet spot - it wasn't about the gimmick, it was about the story. The [authoring] tool is available to everyone, so there's no barrier to producing your own stuff. That feels like a glorious thing to me. I suppose I'm at the time of life where I feel like I've seen it all, so it's exciting to see something that is fresh and new and still engaging," said Dave Gibbons, Mediafire member and co-creator of Watchmen and The Secret Services.

Although it is still new, this app will redefine comic books for good, being the best example of how VR technology can improve an art form to a whole new level.

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