Pokemon Go Update: Proving The Existence Of The Red Gyarados, A Shiny Pokemon

Pokemon Go followers may still have their hands full with capturing Pokemon in the wild or battling in gyms, but of course, they will always have game requests for Niantic for the augmented-reality game to somehow have the same "take" with the original Pokemon games. Cue - new Pokemon!

Pokemon Go Second Generation

The introduction of second gen Pokemon to Pokemon Go would certainly delight players as that would mean new Pokemon to chase, catch, and study. But could Niantic hear the pleas of Pokemon Go players who have already spent sweat and tears for the last couple months capturing the same ol' Lapras, Dragonite, and huggable Snorlax? Would we be seeing Noctowl or Espeon pretty soon?

Well, with the bucketful of Pokemon Go questions that would remain unanswered for now, one speculation that keeps players on high alert for any new Pokemon Go update is the possibility of Shiny Pokemon.

Shiny Pokemon in Pokemon Go

For new Pokemon Go players who haven't had time to review the original Pokemon games, there are actually a special type of Pokemon who may look like their breed but still look different. They are called Shiny Pokemon or Shinies and they are extremely rare that players have a 1 in 8192 chance of coming across one. If it's so rare, why did someone even thought of bringing it up?

Well, aside from the fact that Pokemon Go players are a hopeful bunch and are daring enough to think of the millions of possibilities, the countrycaller came upon a video which suggests a technique in getting a Red Gyarados.

Red Gyarados in Pokemon Go, Possible?

The possibility of Red Gyarados' existence in Pokemon Go is something everyone must test, right? Imagine the level of bragging rights you are able to acquire once you show your Pokedex with that lone shiny Pokemon in there... Anyway, the Pokemon Go technique for getting a Red Gyarados will just only require you 400 Magicarp candies so depending on how much extra time you have plus your level of determination and the need to satisfy your ego since you have already told everyone you're out to catch an ultra rare Pokemon so, no one's stopping you. After collecting the required number of Magicarp candies to evolve, rename the Magicarp with the highest CP to Red Karp, and then tap the Evolve button to turn it into the Red Gyarados.

Did Pokemon Go Magikarp Evolve Into Red Gyarados?

Surprise! It was a blue Gyarados. The Pokemon Go evolution experiment proved unsuccessful. Probably the guy in the so-called Pokemon Go video just used effects to change Gyarados' color to red. Aww...

Still, there could be a slight chance of possibility of Red Gyarados existence in Pokemon Go, right? Upon research on The Silph's Road thread on Shiny Pokemon, there are no current news of the rare Pokemon being in the game. Niantic may still have a long way to go with the updates they are currently planning. Anyway, Pokemon Go players are a hopeful bunch, right?

Here's the Pokemon Go guide video that explained Red Gyarados evolution (and caused havoc):

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