Gears Of War 4 Tips And Tricks: Where To Locate Easter Egg Weapons And How To Get Them

Gears of War 4 finally arrived on Tuesday, Oct. 11. The gameplay has a ton of mysteries that players have to unravel on their own. One of them is the Eater Egg Weapons which can only be acquired by finishing a quirky challenge.

What Is An Easter Egg Weapon?

The Easter Egg Weapon is not your regular weapon as it boasts 3D effects. It has lesser bullet count than the regular ones and it cannot be reloaded. Take note that for you to use this gun like a pro, you have to be conversant as to how it works.

How do you know which is Easter Egg Weapon from first look? There are three ways to determine this one-of-a-kind weapon. First, the weapon should be one of its kind in the entire mission. Second, it has a unique model and bullet effects which cannot be found in other ammunition. Third, it has a distinctive name in contrast to regular weapons.

Always remember that you can only acquire this type of weapon when you achieve the required mission. For now, there have been two Easter Egg Weapons already discovered: The "Despicable You" Freeze Gun and the 'Dom's Toms" Tomato Grenade. Here's a quick guide on where to locate this exceptional weapons and how to get them:

Quick Guide To Locate Easter Egg Weapons

The "Despicable You" is a Freeze Gun. It has an ammo count of 12. Its special effects include shooting ice balls using a bow into a cloud of explosion. First outburst will only freeze opponents that come in contact with the explosion. Second and more outbursts will finally trample down the opponents.

Thee "Despicable You" gun can be found in Act 1 - Chapter 0: Prologue. You can only get this by playing 1-0 on Insane Difficulty mode. Go into the garage in the outside hall just a few steps from the burrow and dugouts. Remember that the garage will only open when you on Insane Difficulty mode only.

The "Dom's Toms' is a tomato grenade. It has an ammo count of six. Its special effects include tossing tomatoes that explodes with its flesh. It can be found in Act 2 - Chapter 2: Geared Up. To get this, play 2-2 and make your way to the Greenhouse. Completely extinguish all tomato farmers in the site. An audio narrative will play and when done, go to the exit door where the tomato grenade is found.

Gears of War 4 is now available on Xbox One and PC.

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