Overwatch News, Updates: New 1.74GB Patch Finally Coming Out October 12; Here's What You Can Expect

Overwatch has finally been confirmed to release its much-anticipated patch on Wednesday, Oct. 12. The patch is clocked in at 1.74-gigabyte which only means something big is coming up. Here's what you can expect from the patch.

Blizzard Entertainment has officially revealed on its South Korean website (via Google Translate) that a major update is indeed coming up on Wednesday. The news broke out first on Reddit via Overwatch's community on Monday, Oct. 10.

According to the Reddit post, Blizzard is set to release the 1.74-gigabyte patch specifically at 3 a.m. in South Korean Time and 11 a.m. Pacific Time. The forthcoming update has version number In the same website, it was stressed out that Blizzard Entertainment ensures a smooth update coming up.

Overwatch Fans Can't Wait

For many fans, they cannot wait for the update to come but surely though there is finally an update to look forward to. On Reddit alone, the excitement and anticipation do not seem to be bearable at all. One user named Rc2124 even said he has no idea what to expect at the thought of an Overwatch update finally arriving.

Another user named BordyDogue commented: "I love how these leaks are appearing from all over the world. The comic in Portugal, the Sombra leaks from Russia, the ompegae image from Taiwan, and now an update from Korea. It all comes together."

What Fans Can Expect

It can be noted that in the past few weeks there had been a string of leaks about the game. One was a Halloween seasonal event, plus a custom game mode for this event. Another is the new playable character named Sombra which was revealed by Russian insiders of Overwatch.

Sombra took center stage after her image leaked showing her carrying a submachine gun while donned in scraped gloves. This character has been reported to be launched at the said Halloween event.

There has been no official statement, however, until now as to whether these things would really come out in the update. Watch out for more Overwatch updates.

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