No Man's Sky Has Reached A New Milestone

If there's a game that has hit the rock bottom hard, it's no other than Hello Games' No Man's Sky. The title has drawn flak following reports of false advertisements. That the game, in one way or another, didn't deliver the features that were promised. And now, a new thing has added to its stained resume.

According to GameRant, No Man's Sky has earned the reputation of being an "overwhelmingly negative" title in terms of Steam reviews. Just when the studio thought that the talks are over, it seems people are still voicing out their frustrations. Well, this isn't a surprise really, especially to the ones who've been following the game since its initial release.

No Man's Sky was shaped to be a different kind of space exploration game, like no other. Sadly, it quickly became a target of disappointment and hatred. After all, as what most players suggest, it failed to live up to the expectations. That Sean Murray, the creator, lied to them and robbed them of their money's worth.

For a game that's worth $60, the features that No Man's Sky offered were never close to the game's actual price. The recent score of the title in Steam shows that out of 5,373 (at the time of the first report), the average review it earned is "overwhelmingly negative." This means that out of those figures, only 12% of the total users gave a positive review.

Of course, No Man's Sky wasn't entirely a huge mess at the start. Back at the Electronic Entertainment Expo last year, when the first trailer was showcased, it obtained overwhelming reception. Many fans believe, at that time, that the title is slated to be a big hit. Well, it did, only in a negative note.

Interestingly, the post era of No Man's Sky is starting to affect studios and/or developers looking to develop such premise. Take for example the upcoming space sim game Dual Universe. According to its founder, its reputation in Kickstarter is starting to get stained. That somehow, Hello Games' flagship title has affected its existence.

Whether or not No Man's Sky will recover from such void, its future is definitely affected. It's up to the developers on how they can win the trust of the community back. Or perhaps, it's too late already?

What are your thoughts on No Man's Sky receiving such reviews in Steam? Do you agree with what people are saying? What's your take on this title? Don't forget to let us know at the comment section below!

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