What's The Future Of No Man's Sky Be Like?

No Man's Sky popularity is definitely alive and kicking, but it's merely due to it being a trash game as what most fans deem. The latest to its crisis is the supposed investigation from UK's advertising watchdog ASA (Advertising Standards Authority). With all that's happening, the future of the game is definitely murky. So yeah, what will it be like?

No Man's Sky has been out for nearly two months. In the past, Hello Games including the mastermind behind the game Sean Murray was all about updating the community via social media sites. (Heck, Murray was even very active in Reddit's AMA). However, fast forward to today, the developers have been oddly silent.

Sure, a No Man's Sky news was released in the game's official website, letting people know that an update and series of fixes are coming. Unfortunately, that was it. Fans have never heard or seen Murray posts stuff similar to how he did it in the past. In one way or another, the studio has neglected the community as a whole.

With the current crisis that No Man's Sky is experiencing, there are doubts if the game will even last. Sure, the developers are still out there, bug hunting (1.09 patch is proof to that). But in terms of the title getting new features and/or contents, these are all vague. Well, what one can really expect from Hello Games, especially with the way they're communicating to the community -- if there's even a communication at all.

Say for example the studio is really working on a feature of sorts for No Man's Sky. The big question now is what would it be? Or what kind of features are they going to develop so as to earn the trust of the community again? This one alone is something that the video game company has to deal with.

While it's a dumb idea to say that Hello Games will or has abandoned No Man's Sky for good, the people involved will really have to carry a huge burden so as to get the fans back. But sadly, their continuous silence and whatnot are not doing them any good. It only fuels the hatred.

What are your thoughts on No Man's Sky as well as its future? Let us know at the comment section below!

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