Blizzard's Overwatch Has Surpassed The 20 Million Player Pool Mark

When Overwatch was first released, it quickly acquired the appreciation of most fans. That Blizzard, as the kind of studio that they are known for, barely disappoints the gaming community. And sure enough, the recent triumph that the game obtained is proof of its success in the market. Currently, the title has surpassed the 20 million mark in terms of player pool.

According to PVPLive, Blizzard's titular game Overwatch has managed to acquire more than 20 million players. And yes, this figure covers those who are in consoles and PC. The news was revealed by the studio via a press release, pointing out that it further made the Halloween event extra special.

Overwatch was first launched in summer. After that, the game has slowly crawled its way to the top. Not only did it become one of the hottest IPS in eSports, it also become the fastest selling PC title in China. Heck, if one has to follow the communities in various social media sites, he'll notice just how highly celebrated this game is.

And not just that, Overwatch has also become the most played game (PC version) in Korea. It continues to garner fans from all over the world, most especially in the Asian continent. This only shows that Blizzard is indeed a force to be reckoned in the industry.

In related Overwatch news, Halloween boxes have recently teased the possible arrival of Sombra -- the highly anticipated hero. It was leaked in Xbox's official store, with a candy somewhat displaying the character's mask. While this can mean a thing or two, the video game company has yet to confirm or make comment.

Many Overwatch gamers and critics believe that Sombra will be unveiled anytime this month. Or perhaps, just in time for the Halloween season. But until Blizzard officially announces it, it'll remain a grain of salt.

What are your thoughts on Overwatch as well as the new milestone it reached? Are you also excited for Sombra? What makes you love the game? Be sure to share us your answers at the comment section below!

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