Apple iMac 2016 Revamp Rumors: VR Capability, 5K Display. All-In-One Features And More

Speculations about the new iMac 2016 are literally everywhere, as it is rumoured that it will simultaneously be released with the MacBook Pro 2016 this October. With the recently released iPhone 7, 7 Plus and Apple Watch Series 2, the iMac 2016 seems to be stealing the spotlight into itself.

The last refresh of the iMac product line was way back in October 2015, which is why the likelihood of another improvement and major technological leap for the iMac 2016 is very high. On the other side, there are also those that speculate on the minor improvements that the iMac 2016 will have.

Apple iMac 2016 VR Capability and 5K Display

Whichever the case may be, the upcoming iMac 2016 will perhaps sport a new AMD graphics card. This is based on a statement released by WCCF Tech that AMD has partnered with Apple thanks to its Polaris 10 and Polaris 11 graphic chips.

If ever this will be a reality, then the iMac 2016 will surely be capable of having a workable Virtual Reality (VR) feature. This would surely put the new Apple desktop flagship as one of the best desktops there is.

There is also a high possibility that it will feature an Ultra HD 5K display, which will surely be a big hit not only with the gamers but also with the professionals. A crisp and vividly clear display is required for serious computing, after all

Apple is still hesitant in giving out more official statements confirming or debunking the speculations of its possible iMac 2016 release. But whatever is the case, surely, the iMac 2016 will be a hit as it will continues to bring innovation, improvement and upgrades not only among Apple's product lineup but also among the tech giant's rivals in the hyper-competitive tech industry.

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