NBA 2K17 Tips For The Best Defensive Settings

NBA 2K17 on PlayStation 4 has just been updated with a massive 7.14-gigabyte patch but 2K Sports has not yet released the patch notes. There has been no official statement yet as to when the update would arrive to other platforms. Apparently, this patch primarily brings fixes for the shot meter glitch and scoreboard issue. While the update brings performance enhancements in general, here are tips for the best defensive settings on NBA 2K17.

NBA 2K17 Best Defensive Settings

For Universal Defensive Settings, turn off the Adaptive Coaching Engine. Choose "All" for Go Over, 3/4 Bottom, Manual, Switch All and Pre-Rotate.

Defensive Settings For Wing Players

For the Wing players, make sure to change On-Ball and Off-Ball Pressure to "Tight" and On-Ball Screen to "Go Over." However, if the player has around 90 shooting abilities, change the Off-Ball Pressure to "Deny." Most importantly, make sure to set Pre-Rotate to "No," Screen Help Rules to "Help And No Rotation" and Help Rules to "Help." This applies to all Wings players.

Defensive Settings For Point Guards

For the Point Guard, set the On-Ball and Off-Ball Pressure to "Tight" if the player has above 75 free point range. Anything under 75 should be set to "Moderate." For the Screen Help Rules, change it to "Help And No Rotation." For the "Extend Pressure," change it to "Yes."

Defensive Settings For Power Forward, Center

For the Power Forward and Center, take note that specific POEs here are very important. Change the On-Ball Pressure to "Tight" and leave the Off-Ball Pressure to "Auto." Remember that POEs only work to players with "Auto" settings and changing custom defensive settings will override it. For Screen Help Rules, leave it to "Auto." For Switch Rules, select "Switch All." In Matchups, make sure to set Guards of all players to "Auto."

NBA 2K17 is available on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, Xbox One, Xbox 360 and PC.

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