Overwatch Update: Easter Egg Crows False Says Blizzard

An early Halloween treat has been given to the fans of Overwatch recently. New skins and features were introduced, thanks to the so-called Halloween Terror event. One of the newest gig in the game is the co-op brawl Junkenstein's Revenge (Junkrat in a form of Dr. Frankenstein). Within it, players are hoping to see some Easter Eggs of sort -- particularly referring to the crows. Unfortunately, Blizzard debunked the speculations.

In the Overwatch Junkenstein's Revenge, players have found a new to enjoy it -- killing those harmless crows, so to speak. Of course, this isn't the whole point of the game. Nevertheless, by doing so, fans have noticed that it turns them into a purple mist with a squawk eliciting onto them. And what's interesting about these squawks? They don't die even if a hundred of bullets have been fore unto them.

Sure, for a casual Overwatch player, it seems nothing. That it's merely a decoration of sorts, regardless of them dying or not. But for the die-hard ones in Reddit, they believe it has reasons for existing. That killing the purple crows in Junkenstein is an Easter Egg or something. Heck, some fans even went to comparing it to Call of Duty: Zombies-esque shenanigan in which the birds being killed will unlock something once a complex set of requirements have been completed.

But sadly for the expecting Overwatch players, as reported by Polygon, these crows don't mean a thing. Blizzard has just confirmed that it's purely a facet of the game and that there's nothing special about it. Simply put, it's a "false Easter egg." The studio even went to say that they didn't include any of those within Junkenstein's Revenge.

Well, at least, it goes to show just how active the Overwatch community is. In fact, the recent report about the game surpassing the 20 million player mark is proof to that. Blizzard is definitely among the biggest players in the industry.

What are your thoughts about the new Overwatch event called Halloween Terror? Have you tried playing Junkenstein's Revenge? How was it so far? Be sure to tell us at the comment section below!

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