Pokemon GO Gym Battle Tips: When To Use Rock Type Pokemon in Gym Battles

Pokemon GO gym battles would always look cool with these Brock and Rock type contenders. Here are some of the best Rock types and which opponents to avoid.

Rock Type Pokemon In General

Pokemon GO has around 11 Rock type Pokemon. These include the Aerodactyl, Kabuto, Kabutops, Geodude, Graveler, Golem, Onix, Omanyte, Omastar, Rhyhorn and Rhydon. On paper, Rock type Pokemon offensive moves are usually effective against Bug, Ice, Fire and Flying type Pokemon. However, their attack moves do not go well against Fighting, Ground and Steel type Pokemon, according to Pokemongodb.

Rock type Pokemon in theory have defensive moves that work well against Fire, Flying, Normal and Poison type Pokemon. On the other hand, their defense move would not stand up against Fighting, Grass, Ground, Steel and Water type Pokemon.

Suitable Rock Type Pokemon For Gym Battles

The Golem is currently the favorite Rock type Pokemon in gym battles, according to Pokemongohub. It's the evolved form of Graveler and it is abundant in the game and could achieve a CP of up to 2303. Its best fast/charge moveset is Mud Slap and Stone Edge. Just don't face it with a Water type Pokemon such as Vaporeon.

The Rhydon is the evolved form of Rhyhorn. It's one of the strongest Rock type Pokemon since it can have a maximum CP of 2243. The ideal fast/charge moveset is Mud Slap and Stone Edge. It succumbs, however, to Grass and Water type Pokemon.

The Omastar is evolved form of Omanyte and both Rock and Water type Pokemon. It is also one of the strongest among its rock peers since it can level up to 2233 CP. Its best fast/charge moveset are actually water type ones which is Water Gun and Hydro Pump.

Kabutops is the evolved form of Kabuto and can reach a CP of up to 2130. This particular rock fighter has a variety of moves that includes Rock, Bug Ground, and Water as well. It is highly vulnerable to Grass types though especially when attacked with Solar Beam.

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