Clash Of Clans Update: How To Compete In Friendly Wars

The Clash of Clans recent update added Friendly Wars to the strategy video game. Any two clans are said to compete in the Friendly Wars feature for fun. The challenge can be issued by searching for a clan then tapping the challenge button to challenge a clan to a Friendly War and the game begins upon the acceptance of the other clan for the challenge.

Clash of Clans Friendly Wars

The clan that setups the challenge in Clash of Clans can decide on the customization of the Friendly War by setting the duration and choosing a size prior to issuing the challenge. On that note, war durations can last for an hour and wars can come in multiple sizes such as a five versus 50 game. However, this challenge will not reward users with war loot or a Clan XP.

Clash of Clans New Troops

Moreover, only attacking Clan Castle troops will be consumed during an attack, Supercell said. Furthermore, it was also revealed that various new content and balance changes are included in the Clash of Clans update.

Among these are new troop levels like Dragon, Wizard and Baby Dragon. Moreover, the Bomb Tower at Town Hall 8 will be included as well as new defense levels (X-Box, Hidden Tesla and Mortar), and additional 25 wall pieces for Town Hall 11. Additionally, upgrade costs and times have been reduced and Witch and Skeleton Spell buffs have been included, Clash of Clans blog wrote.

Clash of Clans October Update Issues

Meanwhile, the Clash of Clans official Twitter account revealed that the maintenance for the game is over and that the update is now live. However, players noted several problems with Special Packages. On that note, the game developer allegedly promised to investigate gamers' concerns and deliver a fix as soon as possible.

The Clash of Clans October update was also announced by a forum moderator on Oct. 12. Apparently, the highly-anticipated October update is already out and is set to bring new troop levels as well as defense structures. Additionally, a new bomb tower will arrive at Town Hall 8 with an extra bomb tower to be created at Town Hall 10. Watch video about Clash of Clans NEW Update TROOPS & DEFENSES here:

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