Flu Vaccines 2016: Changes, Benefits, Side Effects And Risks

As the flu season starts, so is the need to get vaccinated. But how can you be so sure that once you had that shot, you will have the immunity that you were wanting to get?

Flu viruses evolve every year, thus, the urge to have a more powerful vaccine is at hand. This year, experts have claimed that there will be changes to the usual flu vaccine. One of which is for anyone who is allergic to eggs. Yes, you've heard that right!

Statements released by the Center for Disease Control (CDC), shows that if people who are allergic to egg were unable to have the flu vaccine before, they can now get the vaccine.  As per KSN News, people with a history of having an allergic reaction upon being exposed to eggs can now receive a licensed and recommended flu vaccine that would be appropriate for the person's age range and health condition.

CDC guidelines have also emphasized that not only can those people who had minimal allergic reactions take the flu vaccine, patients with more than just allergic skin reactions, such as difficulty in breathing or other medical emergencies, can also be vaccinated.

Earlier today, according to The Sun, the Public Health England (PHE) and NHS England have launched a major awareness campaign that aims to help not just the children but also the vulnerable to stay well and healthy during these times.

The NHS claims that serious side effects of having these vaccines are extremely rare. Moreover, director for health protection and medical director at PHE, Professor Paul Cosford has revealed that flu viruses can bring mild to serious health conditions, so, the best protection that a person can get is through vaccination.

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