‘Attack on Titan’ Chapter 87: The Truth Finally Revealed? Latest Spoilers And Updates

Fans got a glimpse of how the titans originated with Chapter 86 of Attack on Titan/Shingeki no Kyojin.

For now, let’s sink our teeth into some juicy spoilers for the upcoming Chapter 87 coming this November 2016. Attack on Titan Chapter 86 did not disappoint as readers uncovered the truth behind the Titans' appearance and King Fritz’s decision to seclude from society.

According to  YIBADA , Chapter 87 may reveal to us how Grisha Yeager got hold of his Titan power and will seek out how he was able to sneak inside the walled city of Paradi Island.

On top of this, we might also see some revelations regarding the true identity of the lead character Eren Yeager. We have yet to explore his past and the motivation behind Grisha as to why he wants Eren to achieve the infamous coordinate power.

As it was shown in the recent chapter, we also found out that Eren and Zeke (series antagonists) are actually brothers it was originally planned by Grisha to use Zeke in order to overthrow the Mare Kingdom and bring power back to the Eldians. We also found out that Zeke has royal blood running through his veins as it was confirmed that his mother Dina Yeager is a descendant of the Ymir Family.

As it was shown, the Ymir Family holds the power of the nine great Titans that helped them build the original Eldian Kingdom; but somehow lost most of it after the war with the Mare Kingdom that lasted for 80 years. We might conclude that this might be one of the reasons as to why Zeke is able to control the Beast Titan; which possesses amazing strength, agility, and the ability to understand and speak human language.

We will have to wait for a while to see if these spoilers will really happen, and there’s still a lot of room for speculations and possible scenarios that will help us shed some light on the history of this amazing series.

Attack on Titan /Shingeki no Kyojin Chapter 87 is expected to come out this November.

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