'PlayStation VR' : Specs Inferior Than Others?

The PlayStation VR just hit the stores but news are saying the gadget is not able to live up to its expectation. 

Released October 13 2016, the PlayStation VR has been one of the most anticipated gadgets to have this year. It promises gamers an amazing virtual reality experience at an affordable price. According to the PlayStation Official Website , the PlayStation VR will be the next game changer in the video game industry as they are pretty confident that more people will have access to it as it does not need a high-end gaming computer; in which their direct competitors - Oculus Rift and HTC Vive - would require.

Customers should be aware though that the PlayStation VR is not a stand-alone gadget and will be requiring both a PlayStation 4/ PlayStation 4 Pro and the PlayStation Camera. The PS VR Core Bundle, which is priced at around $399.99 will not include this PlayStation Camera. PS VR Launch Bundle on the other hand will include the PlayStation Camera plus the PlayStation Move controller which will set you at $499.99.

In terms of sheer processing power, one cannot simply deny that PlayStation VR will not be able to hold its candle against the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive. Given that the device is directly powered by PlayStation 4 Console, one may see a noticeable difference in image resolution when compared to its competitors that use the latest GPU (graphics processing unit).

This is where games will shine most. As Sony advertised, the company is pushing a lot of exclusive VR games and contents to help augment PS VR’s position in the market. Although not as powerful compared to Rift and Vive, as long as Sony can keep pumping out awesome lineup of exclusive games and other contents; then we can surely expect more from it. Lastly, let’s hope that Sony will keep their word and deliver us the best VR experience without leaving us shortchanged.

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