Final Fantasy 14 New Expansion: Stormblood, New Jobs, Maps and Battle System [UPDATE]

By K.C , Oct 15, 2016 04:20 AM EDT

There's a lot of reasons for the Final Fantasy 14 fans to celebrate this year as earlier today, the Game Director of Sqaure Enix' MMORPG has just released the official trailer and details of the second major expansion of the FFXIV series: Stormblood.

Game Director Naoki Yoshida announced the Final Fantasy teaser trailer and development of Stormblood in the latest FFXIV Fan Fest which was held in Las Vegas where he said that the expansion is set to be released in the early summer of 2017. He gave a rough overview regarding version 4.0 and all its developments. We've highlighted the essential details for you.

Final Fantasy XIV Stormblood: What We Know So Far


Stormblood will now open the gates to Ala Mihgo, which is the main focus of the next expansion. The new area will be the epicenter of all the major events in Stormblood where players (you) are set to liberate the island from the tyranny and control of the Garlean Empire, which is said to have ruled the land for over 20 years. The main antagonist of the storyline is the XIIth Legion Legatus and de facto ruler of Ala Mihgo.

Character Update and Battle System

Aside from the added map, the level cap is also raised to 70 and 'multiple new' jobs are added into the current pool. What's more, there will be an upcoming major revamp of the talent and battle system, enabling players to easily switch in-between roles and skills are now shared by roles instead of jobs. In the light of this change, Yoshida has this to say: "We're regrouping and recategorizing skills so they're categorized as roles rather than jobs. From those shared roll skills and actions, you'll choose which you need."

Raids, Dungeons and More

Yoshida also said that there will be a whole lot more features to Final Fantasy 14 upcoming expansion as Stormblood is expected to have a game's worth of standalone content. New raids and dungeons are said to be introduced as well as varying difficulties that scales with their drops and drop rates. There will also be an "alliance raids" which Yoshida referred to as: "it will be very, very Final Fantasy."

Aside from the new Final Fantasy XIV maps and character updates, the expansion will also provide new upgrades for the current gears and equipment as well as an improved inventory space.

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