Pokemon Go Tips And Tricks: Save More Time With This New Appraisal Trick

Pokemon Go Appraisal Feature has been added to the game for a couple of months already. This feature will let players know their Pokemon's hidden stats based on the series of phrases given by their respective team leaders. Some players are enjoying the feature since it does not require them to open a third party app just to know their Pokemon's IV. However, few players were annoyed on the Appraisal feature and felt like it is wasting their time for a bit. Thankfully, a Reddit user was able to share his experience regarding a simple trick on how to save more time when using the Appraisal feature.

According to Otakukart, appraising your Pokemon is greatly recommended because it will provide basic information about the certain Pokemon's stats. Every phrase said by a certain team leader coincides a stat value. For example, if Mystic team Leader Blanche states that, "Overall, your Pokémon is a wonder! What a breathtaking Pokémon!" that certain Pokemon has an IV between 81 to 100 percent. Otherwise, if she said that, "Overall, your Pokémon is not likely to make much headway in battle" that Pokemon has an IV of between 0 to 50 percent.

It has been observed that players' consumed more time during the Appraisal. Good news is that players can now save time with this one simple trick. Based on the post from Reddit user sdr1981, by tapping the screen with all 5 fingers will result to a conclusion on the rest of the dialogue. This Appraisal trick is best for those players who constantly check each Pokemon they had recently captured.

Sdr explains the trick through these steps: first, is to catch a wild Pokemon, then tap "Appraise", next is to tap the screen once to know the overall IV of your Pokemon. Lastly, tap the screen using your 5 fingers at the same time and noticed how the Appraisal screen is gone.

More Pokemon Go Tips and Tricks coming soon. Stay tuned.


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