Tesla Model S Is The Best-Selling Luxury Car In US

Tesla may have an issue with its electric vehicles before but surprisingly, the third-quarter of 2016 turned out great for the car maker. Tesla Model S is the best-selling luxury vehicle in U.S., leading the pack with a massive difference.

Tesla Model S Sales Are Far Better Than Others

According to AutoBlog, Tesla only sold 9,156 units of Model S last year, but during the third quarter of 2016, the sales increased by 59 percent. This is four percent more than the projected figure for Q3, which is at 55 percent.

The number of sold Tesla Model S models was almost double that of the second placer, the Mercedes Benz S-Class, and more than double that of the BMW 7-Series. Other than the mentioned vehicles, no other brand sold more than 2,000 units.

BMW does not want to comment on Tesla's recent sales, Bloomberg reported. "The numbers do show that electric cars are progressing and continuing to gain in popularity. That's ultimately good for us all," BMW Spokesperson, Kenn Sparks, said in an email. Meanwhile, Mercedes Benz remained silent about the recent improvement on Model S' sales.

Tesla Model S is obviously a strong competitor on the automotive market. The electric vehicle has also conquered the SUV sales by selling more than any other  luxury SUVs in the market, such as Porsche and Land Rover. However, there are still certain brands such as Mercedes Benz, BMW, Cadillac, Volvo, Audi and Lexus that Tesla needs to overcome when it comes to SUV, according to Auto Guide.

Tesla's Marketing Strategy

Tesla wanted a luxury car that can still be affordable. CEO Elon Musk had a forecast before that the company can produce 500,000 cars by 2018, then Tesla can achieve the top spot among the three categories of vehicles. With Model S' battery, it became cheaper and also environment friendly that is the reason why people are choosing the EV.

Also, Musk encourages his employees to sell many cars that they can before Tesla needs funding in order to produce another batch of cars.

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