Priyanka Chopra Nude In ‘Quantico’ Role? Actress Says There's Nothing Wrong With It

The former beauty queen and bollywood superstar is literally breaking boundaries. Priyanka Chopra is not new with controversies. She actually likes it and that catapults her as one of the fearless actresses we have today.

India, the seventh largest country in the world by area. Considered as one of the most religious country in the world with extremely diverse culture and ethnicity is the home of Priyanka Chopra. The former beauty queen is hot in hollywood right now specially in her role in the critically acclaimed TV Series ‘Quantico'.

A lot of controversy is surrounding this beautiful sexy actress. Insider states that the bollywood actress now a hollywood actress is hard to work with. Although there are no concrete informations or details on why she's hard to work with, the actress is open in discussing it. She is also recently attacked by her fellow Indian because of her role in ‘Quantico'.

On a recent interview with Anupama Chopra, Priyanka shared her thoughts about the controversy surrounding her and if she's open with the idea of her being nude in the TV series. Here's some of the excerpt of the interview called Beneath the Surface.

Her Thoughts On Nudity And The Things That She's Not Yet Willing To Do

Yeah, nudity. For sure I wouldn't do. Like, never. Also, I play bold parts but I don't like a lot of skin show. I don't know how to explain it. Like I was always in pantsuits but the intensity in the part was sexual. I don't have to dress it [provocatively]. I do it for magazine covers because it's glamorous and pretty. One of the big reasons I did the show with ABC was because they're Disney. So there's only that much for the American standards that we can do on the show, which is pretty much as much as in Hindi films. There's a difference between wearing a bikini and a bra and I understand that. Those lines are important to me."

Breaking Stereotypes In Her Role In ‘Quantico'

"I wanted to be seen as just an actor, not because of my ethnicity or where I come from. I think global entertainment needs to become like that. It needs to be about the best person for the job rather than what you look like or where you come from. And I wanted to be one of the first people to take a step in that direction."‘

You can watch the full intense and steamy interview of Priyanka Chopra right here.

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