Fan-Made: Power Rangers vs Voltron Short Is A Battle Of Generations

The Power Rangers, each controlling a different giant, mech-animal or dinosaur, converge to form the mighty Mega Zord. Voltron, on the other hand, is formed by five giant lion mechs coming together, each piloted by a champion.

It's not precisely hard to see the two analogies between the two famous franchises, and both are seeing a revival in pop culture pertinence thanks to the critically acclaimed Voltron lively series by Netflix and the upcoming Power Rangers live-action film reboot.

While the fighting in this fan-made short is top-notch, the humor goes a long way as well. At the start of the battle, the Power Rangers are confused by the Paladins immediately forming Voltron, rather than duking it out on the ground in hand-to-hand combat first, as is Power Rangers tradition. Miller throws out the line "Let's knock the copyright infringement out of these posers" while the Blue Ranger is constantly ignored by the rest of the Power Rangers team.

In time they are both old franchises, Power Rangers and Voltron have returned to renown recently with the recent animated series Voltron: Legendary Defender and the upcoming live-action film Power Rangers. intriguingly, a 2011 live-action fan short, Voltron: The End, initially fired interest in a full-fledged live-action Voltron TV series. The squad behind the short - which includes Greg Aronowitz, the executive producer of Power Rangers SPD - produced output designs and scripts ahead the project was put on hold to make way for Voltron: Legendary Defender. Aronowitz is optimistic that the idea will be revived, and asks fans to follow him and his coworkers, Alex Albrecht and Barnyard FX, on Instagram and Twitter to show their support.

A denied Power Rangers film pitch in 2015 was also encouraging by a similarly dark live-action fan film posted online. That all implores the question: which is better, the Mega Zord or Voltron?

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