Pokemon Go Update: What Does An Average Pokemon Go Player Look Like And What Does He Or She Do?

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Ever wondered who plays Pokemon Go? You might be asking yourself what gender is Pokemon Go dominated, or what walks of life do these players have, how many kids play, or even how many people older than you dig this AR game. Well, we searched online for data and fortunately, we found a bunch of sites posting actual demographics for Pokemon Go.

People who are fond of statistics are going to love the fact that their hobby is a useful tool in determining what the next decision for Pokemon Go, or any mobile app, will be. Knowing what customers are or what they like is one key data to make your product prosper, any product, not just video games. Survey Monkey is kind enough to post data in their website and we found out about it via @PokemonGoNews, that's one heck of a social media teamwork.

When I stumbled upon the tweet, I said to myself, 'why not make an article about it?' The idea of the statistic report is to picture out the average Pokemon Go player via combining all average data and cramming them into one persona. Besides, this would make a nice entry for a Monday. Let's take a look at some demographics for Pokemon Go, shall we? But before we start, please take note that these data came from Survey Monkey and there might be other articles saying the data is otherwise, so it's possible they have different data sources.

First Month Data

The first demographic data showed that an average player is a white woman, 25 years of age, has a college degree, and makes around $90,000 a year. You might wonder, that's a pretty huge income for an average player, well that woman doesn't actually exist as she is a combination of all median data. The $90k average was due the income distribution that states: 45.8% have income below $50k, 19.6% earn between $50k to $100k, and 34.6% get $100k above. Based on that information, most people playing Pokemon Go belong to the lower end of the spectrum but some spiked data from high earners sort of pulled the average to a $90k. It is important to note that this data was taken from July of 2016, and that 63% of players then were women.

Changes After 3 Months

Come late September or early October, our average Pokemon Go Player hasn't change a lot. She is still a 25-year-old white woman, but this time, her educational attainment and income have lowered. Her college degree lowered to high school graduate and the income decreased from $90k to $76k. This means that the demographics have shifted because new player registrations belong mostly to the group with lower income and lower education.

It is also important to note that the scope of this demographic is worldwide, so for some countries, your persona might be male and of different ethnicity. For instance, in the US, the data for female Pokemon Go players have dropped from 63% to 53% and the age of the 30 to 49 year olds now belong to the 30% of the population instead of 25%. As of this writing, our average Pokemon Go trainer is a Caucasian female, aged 25, who earns $76,000 annually, and is a high school graduate. You may also find other astonishing data on the original post. Have a great Monday!

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