Mafia 3 Guide: How To Keep Recruits Alive? You Only Need To Do One Thing

Mafia 3 is known to have multiple endings, but the trickiest is where the players must keep the recruits alive. Based on the Mafia 3 guide, the key is how the underbosses are treated as players take over the New Bordeaux.

Every racket in Mafia 3 that was taken control by the players, must be assigned to Burke, Vito or Cassandra. Once all the rackets have been taken down in the district and the Marcano lieutenant has been removed, the underbosses will then be picked as replacement, ship controlling all the rackets to whoever the new leader is.

Mafia 3 Guide: How To Keep Underbosses Happy?

The easiest way to make sure that all the lieutenants in Mafia 3 would play nice until the end is to give an equal amount of districts to every underboss. After this, assign the rackets to whoever the player wants the district to take over. A trophy "We're in this together" could be unlocked after reaching the end with the player's three underbosses. Once the ending has been reached, the players can either choose to leave it all behind or take over the New Bordeaux for themselves.

Mafia 3's new crime boss will be determined based on the player's decision, which is to leave behind and have someone take over - a lieutenant with the highest earnings. The future of the city will rely greatly on the new boss.

Meanwhile, critics have reportedly been unkind to Mafia 3. Although the acting and writing have been praised, the missions are seen as too repetitive and the gameplay is not interesting enough. In fact, when compared with "GTA 5", Hangar 13's game title has reportedly shown obvious shortcomings. As for the technical aspect, even with smaller maps, the game is believed to not as clean as GTAV.

Mafia 3, however, has been clear about what it is all about - revolving around racism in the American South during the late 60's. Critics also state that it is a game where everything the players do and see will relate back to such idea. Watch video about Mafia 3 Killing all Underbosses - Killing Vito, Burke and Cassandra here:

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