GTA 5 Online: Weekly Instalments To Last Until December, Expansions Thereafter

GTA 5 Online has been reported to get more content in weekly instalments that may last some time. In fact, a new update is expected to release in Dec. with a "Law and Order" theme, which allows the fans to purchase police vehicles to unlock the new free roam missions to complete. Aside from that, a number of expansions are believed to be launched thereafter, as Rockstar support is expected to conclude for GTA 5 in Spring 2017.

A number of datamined information has reportedly been discovered on the new Biker expansion. One of these is the complete list of the new vehicles that will be added to the GTA 5 Online. Also, three new modes will be featured such as Kill Quota, Deadline and Lost Vs Damned, which is reported to be included in the Halloween update.

GTA 5 Online allows players to face off as either Devils or Angels - Devils can only score at night, while Angels during the day. Once the player has scored, they can kill them during their half of the day in order to make the team lose a point. Meantime, Deadline AM has been detailed further as well, and has been reported to include a top down view.

The new GTA 5 Online outfits are also expected to cost a lot, with the individual apparel costs up to $200K. In addition, a list of vehicles that have not been released yet has also emerged, which appears to be released as weekly items, keeping the fans preoccupied while enjoying the new Biker DLC content at the same time.

Meanwhile GTA 6 release rumors remain to emerge online since the 2013 launch of GTA 5. Given that, the game continues to get support through updates and expansion to keep the fans' excitement in place, for the open world adventure game. Game experts also believe that Rockstar Games maintains a five-year trend of release between game titles in the franchise. In fact, reports claim that GTA 6 launch date will happen in 2018.  Watch video GTA 5 ONLINE - THE PURGE:

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