‘Westworld’ Spoilers, News And Updates: Is Ed Harris, The Man In Black, Good Or Evil?

After the first episode of "Westworld" was released, many sci-fans have wondered about the real meaning of its intricate mysteries. It seems that the most obvious plots are not what they seem to be. For instance, the character of Ed Harris, the man in black, appeared to be a bad guy. But is he really on the dark side, or is it just what viewers have assumed?

His Actions Seem To Tell He Is Indeed Bad

In the first episode of "Westworld," the man in black gunned down Teddy, a supposed guest, and then dragged the terrified Dolores to the barn implying that he is going to assault her sexually. But a "Westworld" spoilers report on episode 2 indicates that Williams may hold the key if the man in black has some goodness in his heart.

You Can' Tell Who Is A Robot And Who Is Not

The thing that intrigues viewers about "Westworld" is that they can't tell who the robots are who are not. They really don't know who is doing the killing and who is really being killed. The premiere episode is not really clear if they are all robots or some of them are humans. This is where the storytellers catch the viewers' attention. The viewers are not quite clear where reality begins and where the game ends. But some said that the show is a lot tamer than most video games.

Is William The Man In Black?

One scene, according to some spoilers, revealed the game that is being played out in the show. "This place is the answer to that question you've been asking yourself: who you really are," Logan told as William as they rode into Sweetwater. "And I can't f-king wait to meet that guy," he added.

The wildest theory running around now, according to some "Westworld" spoilers, is that William, the man in black is just one person. How could that be possible? Viewers have to watch this series to know how.

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