‘Dance Moms’ Season 7 Spoilers: Lifetime To Cancel Reality Show Because Of Abby Lee Miller?

Would there still be a season 7 of "Dance Moms?" Questions continue to be raised on the viability of the reality dance show because of each episode becoming more ridiculous. Beside the numerous fraud charges dance coach Abby Lee Miller is facing -- which would translate into jail time once she is convicted -- dancers are leaving, making Lifetime doubt the show's longevity.

In a recent show, in episode 27 of season 6, fans were hanging in the air about the status of JoJo Siwa who previously hinted at leaving the show. It was triggered by the fight the previous week by the elite and mini moms. To unify the two teams, Miller assigned the elites and mini duets as partners. However, because of her continued favoritism of the minis, the elites were forced to choreograph their own group dance.

Jojo, who was assigned Kendall Vertes as partner, complained of the difficulty of the dance given them. This in turn led to her mother Jessalyn telling Miller that JoJo would not do the number.

Mistreated Dancers Or Mistreated Dance Coach?

According to Blasting News, over the past seasons, Miller has been mistreating most of her dancers. Yet in the recent episodes, she has been playing victim claiming the dancers were the ones who mistreated her, not the other way around.

During Miller's absence, there was some peace around when it was Gianna Martello, Miller's assistant in choreographing, who practiced the junior elite dancers for their contemporary routine. There was no yelling, stress and pressure which everyone feels when it is the head coach practicing the girls.

Coach Is In Charge Always

Miller dismisses the girls choreographing their own routine as no big deal because when they dance for her and as part of a team, Miller remains in charge of everything. However, if the dancers refuse to do things her way, she hinted it could be the end of the road for them.

Nevertheless, it seems Miller's end of the road is also within sight, given the controversies and the dipping ratings of the Lifetime reality show.

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