PSVR Update: Here's How To Fix Your Camera Problems

Sony PlayStation VR
Gamers try out the new Sony VR headset in Sony Playstation booth during the annual E3 2016 gaming conference at the Los Angeles Convention Center on June 14, 2016 in Los Angeles, California.
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Even with the latest technology, Sony's PlayStation VR camera is not without problems. Its flaws lie on its camera where gamers will likely get the occasional blurred or drifting images or lighting problems when they wear the VR headset. For some, this may not be a serious problem. But an imperfect camera with a PlayStation VR is no combination to read texts well or see whatever is happening around you perfectly. So what do you do? Here are some fixes that could help.

Lighting problems

There are two important cameras involved in the Sony PlayStation VR: one on the PSVR itself and one on the headset. Both lenses use LEDs to track 3D movements. Sometimes, the cameras lose sight of those lights which results to erratic tracking. This might be due to too much lighting, wires blocking the headset or dirty lenses.

The possible solutions to this are to minimize bright lights by closing the shades or to use dim lights instead. If you really want to play within a lit room, then you have to make sure that no bright light directly shines on either the PlayStation VR camera or the headset. Both cameras can also be calibrated to focus. For dirty lenses, the quick fix is to keep it dirt-free. Do not use any water-based cleaning agent. A microfiber cloth will do.

Camera position also matters. The best place to put a PlayStation VR camera is atop your television. To make that level with your VR headset, you should stand at least six feet away. You can check the accuracy of your position using the "Confirm Your Position" in the Quick Menu under Settings. You can launch it by simply pressing and holding down the button on the PlayStation wireless controller, DualShock 4.

Blurry images

Blurry images in the PlayStation VR make it difficult to read texts or see what's happening around you clearly. The easiest remedy to this problem is to ensure that you are wearing the PlayStation VR headset in your head properly. Just move the halo at the top of the PSVR until images are in focus then tighten the headset in its place. There is also a button on the PSVR headset that you can use to zoom in and out of the screen to get the best images possible. You can also clean the lenses using microfiber cloth. Again, avoid using any kind of cleaning liquid or you will ruin your headset's camera instead of actually fixing it.

Drift problems

The PlayStation VR camera is also bound to drift to the left during gameplay according to some users. Some notes that this is just normal and can be fixed by simply pressing and holding down the Options key found on the wireless PS4 controller. However, if images are still refusing to re-center, then you should check out if the PSVR camera lens is clean and without any obstruction as this might also cause this problem. Gamers can also perform the usual troubleshooting and fixes like recalibrating the PSVR camera or disconnecting and reconnecting it again. However, drift problems on the PlayStation VR camera is more likely to occur than the first two problems we mentioned. This only means that you might have to regularly calibrate your PSVR camera or disconnect and reconnect it again until the image focuses on the center if the problem persistently occurs.

Although PlayStation VR camera problems differ from user to user, the quick fixes outlined in this post should work for these common issues. It is easy to determine if the PSVR camera is already fixed. Just load a game on the PSVR and see if the images and texts are as clear as they should be. If not, then just repeat the process of cleaning the camera, checking for wires that block the connection between the LEDs, or do the process of recalibrating the cameras as needed.

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