Pokemon GO Update: Internet Goes Crazy Over These Cute Pikachu Impersonations

Pikachu has become the face of the Pokemon franchise, spawning a cult following that stretched for decades. The big yellow mouse became an icon due to its unbelievable cuteness and adorable personality. It all started when Ash ended up with Pikachu in the Pokemon Inidgo League Anime Series, and the bond they shared made every little kid want a Pokemon of their own.

Pokemon GO Twitter Account Post Pikachu Impressions

What became apparent after watching hundreds of Pokemon episodes from the anime series is Pikachu's diverse personality. The electric mouse had more development and more characteristics than any other Pokemon in the show. It made us laugh, cry, and love the Pokemon franchise for those who came to know it through the anime.

Then again, it's not hard to love Pikachu from the first Pokemon games. An Electric Type Pokemon you can get from Viridian Forest made it essential for your team. Now, the love for Pikachu hasn't stopped; it had more stuffed plushies and various merchandise than any other Pokemon ever.

Although in Pokemon GO, Pikachu may not have the attention it surely deserves, as the unbelievable number of Dragonites, Snorlaxes and Vaporeons in Gyms made it harder for the loveable Pokemon to compete. Players of Niantic's mobile game are catching Pikachu now simply because it's Pikachu, everybody loves Pikachu.

And this love never fades, especially when the Pokemon GO twitter account posted a few moments from the anime that made us love Pikachu. Reminiscent of a time when we all could stay at home and still become the very best, all while watching our favorite Pokemon nail the cartoon charts - sans bug problems, account problems, server problems, and many more.

The photo portrayed Pikachu in different states mimicking a different Pokemon. These Pikachu impressions made us crazy for the yellow creature back then, and it's making us crazy now in high dosages of nostalgia shots and Poke-glee. Pokemon GO is still trying to win our hearts, begging us not to leave, but alas, all is for naught when Niantic keeps pulling annoying updates for a game that wasn't even good in the first place - at least not as good as they claimed it would be.

I'm totally looking forward to Pokemon Sun And Moon though.

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