No Man's Sky Update: Players Are Calling It Quits In Steam

No Man's Sky, prior to its release, was able to generate the hype it needed to boost its sales. Sure enough, it did -- becoming one of the bestselling titles in the gaming industry. Unfortunately, weeks after that, it only frustrated most, if not all, of its fans. Others believed that Hello Games sold them a product that's half-baked. Or simply put, it didn't turn it out to be what was promised. And now, its popularity in Steam alone is fading.

According to VentureBeat, No Man's Sky on the said PC-gaming service has lost a whopping 94 percent of its daily active users. And take note: this percentage was accumulated in a short span of 4 days only. The report was being tracked using Steam's so-called API and Twitch.

In the last couple of days, the total number of gamers playing No Man's Sky has dropped below 1,000. And what's even surprising? This figure is acquired in every hour. At its peak, the universe-exploring space simulation game only attracted a minimum of 2,000 players per hour. Based on the figures, that's a huge drop considering the fact that the title, which debuted in August 9 (PS4) and August 12 (PC), had 212,000 users since its first launching.

The above-mentioned figures also refer to No Man's Sky dropping from being the No. 3 most-played title on Steam. Now, with the plummet, it stays at the No. 32 spot. Sure, it managed to gain an impressive sale spree during its early days; however, it wasn't able to maintain a solid audience engagement. Obviously, this is something that is crucial, most especially if Sean Murray and the rest of the Hello Game team plan to provide future support.

As previously reported here at iTech Post, lots of No Man's Sky players are quite disappointed with the game. Many believe that Murray tricked them into thinking that this is the game they've been waiting for. Alas, it turned out to be the other way around.

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