No Man's Sky Promoter Sony Blocking Access To PS4 Players Asking For Refund?

No Man's Sky promoter Sony seems to be holding a grudge against those PS4 players who dared to ask for a refund from them. Many customers who bought the game complained that they were fooled by its advertisements.

No Man's Sky Disappoints Players

No Man's Sky showed much promise when it was first announced. Customers snapped up the game moments after its release. However, many complained that the game failed to deliver what it promised earlier. The disappointment was so great that large number of disgruntled customers were asking for a refund.

Sony's Refund Policy on No Man's Sky

Sony is one of the promoters of No Man's Sky and one of its main vendors especially for PS4 players. Normally, the Japanese gaming company does not entertained refunds. However, the huge number of refund request surprised Sony that it was forced to treat it as a "special case".

Sony Blocks No Man's Sky Refund Seekers From PSN

No Man's Sky PS4 customers who had asked for a refund were surprised to find out that their PlayStation Network PSN ID can no longer access the network's support. Blocked PS4 players could not even complained to Sony about this since they could not even use their PSN ID to contact or talk to someone in the PSN support or admin, according to fraghero.

Many vented their anger and frustration in various social forums such as NeoGAF. Some resorted to using alternative PSN accounts in order to gain access to the chat room and report their situation.

Sony's Repy to PSN Blocking Report

Sony has yet to reply about this situation. But many are already criticizing the Japanese company's seeming vindictiveness against people who dared to ask for a No Man's Sky refund. There is a solid basis for the refund since developer Hello Games is even being investigated for falsely advertising the game.

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