Kids Of Angelina Jolie And Brad Pitt Shared Their Sentiments Regarding Parents, Kids Disappointed On Brad

The children of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie seem to be confused with what's happening around them. The kids remained uneasy ever since the breakup of their parents and it has been one of the worst seasons of their lives. The younger children were said to have a difficult time coping up with what is happening.

Recent reports concluded that Brad Pitt were reunited with the kids and that became too emotional. He had missed his kids for the longest times and that made a tear shed on the eyes of the veteran actor.

As International Business Time stated:

"The boys are young and are having a hard time understanding everything that is happening with their parents. They want to know why they can't just carry on with life normally. They are sad and confused but at least have been able to spend more time with Brad lately and that has been good for all of them,"

However, the actor was reportedly made the kids sad when he chose to cancel their plans of seeing a band perfom in Los Angeles. The cancellation is due to safety reasons as they said.

According to The Hollywood Gossip, Pax and Maddox, two of their boys, were deeply disheartened by the cancellation of their father. The kids were too excited to watch Offspring and Sublime with their father. It was a promise that Brad Pitt Made prior to his split from their mother.

As the source said:

"Brad intended on taking the boys too. But at the last-minute by recommendations from his security team, Brad thought it best to stay home, leaving the boys absolutely crushed,"

The children of the Brangelina couple were too young to understand all of these. But fans are hoping that they would be able to grasp their situation once they get old.

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