Why 'PlayStation 4 Pro' Is Not Enough To Make 4K TV’s A Must Have

Sony's PlayStation Pro (PS4 Pro) announcment had gamers thinking whether it's worth upgrading from HDTV to 4K. 

Coming out of a September 7  unveil, the PlayStation 4 or PS4 Pro is being geared as one of the  must-have gadgets this season. This new version of the PS4 will now feature an upgraded GPU and bumped up CPU clock. It will also support 4K resolution and native 1080p as well. Although an upgrade to be considered, the question that still needs to be answered is, “Do I need to upgrade my regular TV to 4K?”

According to  PlayStationLifeStyle, getting a 4K TV is not really a necessity if you are planning to get a PS4 Pro. One thing that is limiting the player’s decision in getting one is the price since a 4K TV alone cost as much as 2-3 times that of the console. One might just consider getting a better speakers or home theater system rather than getting a new TV. People may also consider just getting a PlayStation VR (PSVR) since it actually does offer a unique way of playing games.

It is reported that the PS4 Pro will perform better than the original in terms of framer ate and overall graphics quality. Plus, it will also take advantage of the new PSVR so people can expect more games to actually be released and targeted for this version of console. 4K technology is still new so most of the features tends to get ignored by the public as they really don’t seem to add anything significant to the viewing experience.

As Sony mentioned, players can breathe a sigh of relief since they will still continue supporting both the original and PS4 Pro. This means, that all games that will be released in the future is compatible on both versions with only a few improvements on the side of PS4 Pro.

PlayStation Pro will be available  on November 10, 2016 for USD$399/ £349 / AUD$560.

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