Resident Evil 7 Vol 3 And 4 Teasers Released; Secrets To Demo Revealed

Two new sneak peak trailer are released very recently by the Resident Evil Channel in YouTube. It offers more sneak peek to the upcoming highly-anticipated Resident Evil 7, the seventh installation of Capcom's critically acclaimed franchise. These videos dubbed Vol 3 and Vol 4 followed a few days ago's tandem release Vol 1 and 2 that offered details about the game that the fans have been waiting on confirmations for.

 Resident Evil 7 Trailer On Savepoints And Knife Use

Although the two new Resident Evil 7 clips are brief, they showcased some of the game's important features. The first video - which technically is the third volume counting the past releases - shows the game's save point system. These save points involves finding cassette tape recorders which mark or saves your progress. Players will be able to save and load through these.

The fourth volume shows some other things you can use your knife for - aside from defending yourself and killing enemies. You can use your knife to open containers in two ways. Either through brute force, smashing crate boxes with it, or a more gentle approach like slicing through tapes that keeps a cabinet shut.

Resident Evil 7 Confirmed Storage Boxes

A few days ago, Resident Evil released two previous teaser trailers that showed important insight of the game. The first video featured a phone call with a voice that everyone theorized could be a returning Resident Evil character. Many have thought it was Ada Wong, as she has been known to do that from the countless past Resident Evil Games. But GameSpot believes it came from Sheva Alomar from Resident Evil 5.

Fans were very happy to know that Resident Evil 7 won't be an Outlast or Amnesia clone. A fact they confirmed when the second teaser shows the protagonist pulling out a shotgun from a massive storage box. Which means the game will have storage boxes full of ammo, guns, weapons, etc. to help players defend themselves and kill enemies just like the past Resident Evil games.

Demo Secrets Revealed

It took a long time, but players have finally revealed some of the secrets in the Resident Evil 7 demo - "The Beggining Hour." Players can only do so much though, but the demo just recently released an extension of the story, "The Twilight Version" update, where they added a new room and new features to discover. Despite these updates, players said there's still not much to do...yet.

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